Berwick Area Joint Sewer Authority

Services & Rates

The BAJSA monthly rate is broken down into multiple components.  These rates vary depending on your municipality.  Treatment costs per unit are the same for users in all municipalities.

The following are the current rates* for sewage effective October 1, 2015. [download PDF version]

*Rates are subject to change at any given time.

 Monthly Flat Rate Accounts Quarterly Flat Rate Accounts
 Berwick (1F) $36.00   Berwick $108.00
 Briar Creek Twp (2F) $50.00   Briar Creek Twp $150.00
 Briar Creek Twp EXT (5F) $100.00   Briar Creek Twp EXT $300.00
 Briar Creek Boro (3F) $36.00   Briar Creek Boro $108.00
 Briar Creek Boro RHR (8F) $51.00   Briar Creek Boro RHR $153.00
 Mifflin Twp (7F) $50.00   Mifflin Twp $150.00
 N. Vine Street (21) $50.00   N. Vine Street $150.00
 Salem Twp (4F) $60.00   Salem Twp $180.00
 State Hill (22) $100.00   State Hill $300.00


 Monthly Metered Accounts Per 1000 Gallons after cost breakdown
 Berwick (1M) $35.98 first 2000 gallons x .00697 1000 after   Treatment
Storm Water
 Briar Creek Twp (2M) $49.98 first 2000 gallons x .00914 per 1000 after   Treatment
 Briar Creek Boro (3M) $35.98 first 2000 gallons x .00908 per 1000 after   Treatment
 Salem Twp (4M) $59.98 first 2000 gallons x .01532 per 1000 after   Treatment
Mifflinville Twp (7M) $49.98 first 2000 gallons x .01249 per 1000 after    Treatment

Monthly Treatment and Collection Cost Breakdowns for residential and commercial sewage accounts.

 Residential Commercial
 Berwick Treatment: $19.08
Collection: $8.35
Storm Water: $8.57
  Berwick Treatment: $19.06
Collection: $8.35
Storm Water: $8.57
 Briar Creek Twp Treatment: $19.08
Collection: $30.92
  Briar Creek Twp Treatment: $19.06
Collection: $30.92
 Briar Creek Twp EXT Treatment: $19.08
Collection: $80.92
  Briar Creek Boro Treatment: $19.06
Collection: $16.92
 Briar Creek Boro Treatment: $19.08
Collection: $16.92
  Salem Twp Treatment: $19.06
Collection: $40.92
 Briar Creek Boro RHR Treatment: $19.08
Collection: $31.92
  Mifflin Twp Treatment:   $19.06
Collection:  30.92
 Mifflin Twp Treatment: $19.08
Collection: $30.92
 N. Vine Street Treatment: $19.08
Collection: $30.92
 Salem Twp Treatment: $19.08
Collection: $40.92
 State Hill Treatment: $19.08
Collection: $80.92

What's New

Salem Tappage Fee Penalty

Effective August 2013, Salem Township residents whom hold an outstanding tappage fee balance will be charged a penalty of 1.5% per month.  If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact us at (570) 752-8477.


Paperless Billing

Sign up now for Paperless Billing and not have to worry about your bill being lost again!  Just contact our office at 570-752-8477 and register your e-mail address with us.


Upcoming Projects
Two more Storm Water/Sanitary Sewer Projects to go: North of Mercer Street and North of Iron Street. read more ...

Current Projects
The North of Ida Street Storm Water/Sanitary Sewer Project is approximately 64% complete. read more ...